F-650 Limo

This brand new luxury F-650 limo is one of our premier addition to our fine collection of exotic Las Vegas limos.
The kind of limo to pull up to the hottest venues in style and get the party started.

The luxurious F-650 limo was built to our specification  a few months ago from one of the top coach builder in the country. This super stretched F-650 limo comes with all the special amenities you are accustomed to from Abraham Limo Service. The super mega stretch F-650 limo comes with a brand new interior , color wash and fiber optic lighting , an amazing 3000 watts stereo sound system and so much much  more.

Book this limo for your next event and experience firsthand the ride in this brand new Mega super stretch F-650 limo.

This Super Stretch F-650 limo is exactly what you desire for a Vegas VIP limousine Party celebration.

Absolutely nothing points out VIP Party like a Vegas F-650 Limo rolling down the Las Vegas Strip, totally prepared with adequate audio and video clip equipment to show your own concert right inside this Mega SUV limousine. Approximately 35 of your closest pals could crank up the bass so every person on the strip understands the party is in the Super Stretch F-650 Limo.

A Luxury Super Stretch F-650 limo can and will provide the ambiance for your night-on-the-town right from the get-go! These large Vegas SUV limos accommodate big parties, so if you happens to add a few girls into the mix along the strip tour, there is plenty of room to party!

Simply stunning the Super Stretch F-650 Limo is one of ALV most requested SUV limo  for comfort, safety, and the way it exhibits luxury.    Pull up to the hottest venues in style to get the party started.

In addition to the VIP Hospitality Abraham Limo Service offers additional amenities and arrangements for every occasion; Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, High School Prom, Vegas Nightclub hopping or a more business rewarded party for your employees and coworkers. This is the kind of Vegas SUV Super Stretch F-650 Limo to hire for all occasions and party celebrations in Las Vegas. Count on Abraham Limo Service to deliver a perfect entrance to the party.

ALWAYS an excellent choice – The Super Stretch F-650 Limo